Favorites for 2021

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”

Ansel Adams

God provided more opportunities than I expected for photography in 2021. My family and I began looking through the image catalog a few days after Christmas. We agreed there were more than a few shots worth publishing here. What a blessing!

My ministry and family life have been interrupted on occasion through the year by Long COVID, which continues to be a daily concern.

With that being said, I’m happy to have found time, often with my son or daughters – sometimes on my own – to explore our island. The following images are a result of that exploration.

Birds have been a particular focus in the past year. Six of my fourteen favorites feature bird species. The Pacific reef heron and Yellow bittern are regular subjects. Otherwise, I shoot primarily nature and landscapes.


  • Olympus OM-D E-M5 III (6)
  • Sony Alpha a37 (4)
  • Pentax Q (4)

Top lenses

  • Minolta 500mm f/8 (4)
  • M.Zuiko 12-45mm f/4 (4)
  • Tokina 400mm f/8 (2)

Top locations

  • Hagåtña (7)
  • Tumon (2)
  • Merizo (1)

My best photography experience of 2021 was tracking young Yellow bitterns. I found one that was nervous and alone. It had apparently fallen from the nest and was wandering the same area of Paseo de Susana Park for three days.

I also found a curious pair hidden deep in a tree. They climbed from their nest to the very top branches to have a look around. That is where I photographed them on three separate occasions in the summer.

These images were taken from a long distance, often near dark, and twice in heavy rain. They have all the noise you would expect from high ISO, small sensor, extreme telephoto photography. But I don’t care.

These are photographs I love. They reflect the beauty and vulnerability of our island ecosystem. It is one plagued by dozens (maybe hundreds) of invasive species. Many of our indigenous birds are now gone. That means these encounters are rare, worth documenting, and lots of fun.

Find me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and let me know what you think of this year’s favorites. Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year!