So far in 2021

Taking advantage of opportunities

While I haven't been out with the camera as much as I'd like this year, I have captured a few images I appreciate. They represent quiet moments on beaches or in jungles, usually as part of a weekend excursion with my family. Other times away from the studio have been limited, but summer and vacation are coming. I hope this means more time on our rocky coastlines and overgrown trails, not just for the sake of photography, but to experience God's creation and the blessings of our island. I want to share those blessings with my wife and children - and you as well - as you follow along here.

Testing the new kit

The photos below are among the few I've captured with my new camera and lens. This is the first new camera I have purchased since 2005. All of my Sony SLT cameras were purchased used, with some of my Minolta lenses dating back to 1985. Most of the images I post in the last few months of this year will be taken on the new Olympus system. I look forward to seeing what it can do in a wider variety of shooting conditions around Guam.

Taking on a few projects

Every year I have a new series of photography projects in mind. This year, that's exactly where they have remained - in mind. I'm hoping at least one can become reality this summer. It will just be a matter of finding the time. If I do, I will share the results right here. Watch this space.